We finally made it! The Kili Summit Club (KSC) website is live.

This site is the fulfillment of a vision I had while recuperating at the beautiful Gibbs Farm following our summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro in August of 2014. While our site, distribution chain, and the source of our products have changed dramatically from our original vision, our three pillars of KSC have remained;

Get Registered – We trained and saved for months, and even years, to be able to succeed at this incredible challenge; we felt a need to create a registry to proclaim our achievement, interact with others who have summited, and compare stories, videos and pictures.

Get Gear – Our group has an ever-present desire to discuss our climb with others. In an effort to proclaim our achievement we have designed some great quality clothing and accessories which we want to share with our fellow summiters.

Give Back – Tanzania and Kili have changed our lives; now it’s time for us to make a change in the lives of the people of Tanzania.  As we outline on our site, we will be using the revenues from your purchases to impact the guides, porters and their families in a significant way.

We wanted to take a moment to thank some wonderful and talented people for their significant contribution to Kili Summit Club.

The website was created by Tyler Doornbos from North Sea Studio, who not only agreed to undertake this challenge, but embraced our goals and convinced us to take the time to create a site worthy of this exciting endeavor.

Our bragging gear was designed by the combined creative work of Marie Kar at Redframe Creative and the very talented Angie Dunn Lundstedt. We love the designs with many more on the way.

Melissa Denhof and Scott Dieleman at MCS Marketing have been tremendous partners as we select appropriate clothing options – we will continue to rely heavily on their expertise.

Dirk Wierenga and Sherry Baribeau worked magic with the photo images of our team to display our Bragging Gear in the best light possible.

Lastly, we would like to thank our newest partners the Kilimanjaro Guides Association (KGA) and their president Respicius Baitwa. With their assistance, we will be able to verify that the guides receiving the commission for your purchases are certified Kilimanjaro Guides, and to identify porters who were injured on the mountain and in need of financial assistance.

We hope your enjoy the site and your wonderful Bragging Gear. Welcome to Kili Summit Club!

Vern Jones, Founder of Kili Summit Club