What is Kili Summit Club’s return policy?

KSC will accept returns which are returned in original shipping condition for a full refund or exchange for any defective product or due to wrong sizing. Contact us for shipping instructions.

Is it possible to customize a design?

Yes, KSC accepts custom order requests. Adding the date of your summit, name of your climbing group are easily added to our designs. Simply submit your request and we will provide a quote for your approval. Please allow more time for custom orders.

How do I know that my guide will receive the referral fee promised and that the porters will be helped at the rate you claim?

Nobody is more skeptical of companies and charities claims of providing money promised than we are. Therefore, our programs are designed to be as transparent as possible. When you submit an order, you will see the referral fee we promise.  At the end of each month we will reimburse your guide for this referral via PayPal, check, or money transfer. Your guide will be provided a referral card stating the identical reimbursement rate. We encourage you to contact your guide to make certain that he received his promised fee.

For the porters, we will be showing a porter fund barometer on this site indicating the money generated for the porters as provided by our accountants. This entire fund will be used to purchase climbing gear or provided to guides who have been injured on the mountain. We will be working with the Kilimanjaro Guides Association,  www.kilimanjaroguidesassociation.org/, to help us identify the porters in need of financial assistance due to these injuries, and to distribute the climbing gear.

Are there other ways to get involved?

In addition to your financial support, when we schedule our trips to distribute the gear and award the financial assistance, we will invite any of our members to join us in Tanzania for this multiple day event. 

Will more products become available?

Absolutely, our product line will be expanding as we develop more designs as well as products. We would love to hear your suggestions.

Is it possible to retroactively apply previous orders to my guide?

While this may be possible for some requests, to assure your guide receives the credit to your order, we would request that you contact your guide and encourage him to register with Kili Summit Club.

Can I divide my order between two or more guides?

This version of our site does not permit splitting referral fees. You are allowed to change the guide with each order.

How do I submit my questions, comments or suggestion?

Please submit any communications to us to:  jambo@kilisummitclub.com