Kili Summit Club is committed to giving back to guides and porters. All of our profits go directly to these extraordinary individuals.

In addition to needing this bragging gear, we also have a need to reinvest in the porters, guides and people of Tanzania who graciously hosted, fed, encouraged and inspired us all the way to the top.

Everyone who attempts this challenge knows the value of the incredible men from Tanzania who lead us up the mountain, carry our supplies, prepare our food, provide medical assistance, and sing encouragement for us every step of the climb. We know that no successful summit would be possible without their assistance, support and companionship.

Those of us fortunate enough to be able to afford this incredible adventure understand the poverty surrounding us as we traveled around Eastern Africa. We watched these men scale unbelievable inclines carrying much more weight than us in whatever clothing and footwear was available. While we tipped our crew generously, as we are sure you did, we left Tanzania with a desire to help these fantastic people in a more long term and meaningful way. We all entrusted our lives to them and they delivered, now it’s time to give back to these young men in a significant way.

After examining the various options available to us, we believe the most effective way to get clothing into their hands will be accomplished in two methods:

Guide Commission

Most likely, you are reading this sentence due to a recommendation from your guide. While there are many ways to advertise our Club, we believe the most effective venue, and the most consistent with our Mission Statement, is to put our marketing resources into direct commissions to the guides. It is important that each climber identify his guide by name and certification number on their first order to allow us to credit your guide with the referral. All subsequent orders will be attached to your guide which will generate income to him as long as you purchase Bragging Gear. If your guide is registered in on-line registry, you will be able to search the registry by name and/or registration number to assure that your guide is credited with the referral.

The commissions will be paid monthly to the guides on the following schedule:

Your Purchase                             Guides Commission

>$100 USD                                        $10 USD

>$150 USD                                        $15 USD

>$250 USD                                        $25 USD

>$500 USD                                        $50 USD

>$1000 USD                                      $150 USD

Porters Clothing Distribution and Financial Assistance

As you know, finding and identifying porters would be an incredibly difficult task. We have developed two avenues to assist these wonderful young men.

First, we are partnering with outdoor clothing and gear retailers to purchase close-outs, seconds, and overstocked inventory to obtain significant discounts to maximize our purchases. We will then use the proceeds of all Kili Summit Club profits to purchase as much appropriate clothing and footwear which we would personally deliver to the porters at the exit gates on random dates. This will assure us that the porters will actually receive the merchandise. When a date is determined for clothing distribution, we will invite any interested members to join us in the distribution.

Secondly, we would ask guides to help us identify any porters working with them who were injured on the mountain. Once verified, Kili Summit Club will provide financial assistance to these individuals.